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Applications must be completely filled out and sent to Michael Mulligan at . Please ensure that you include the necessary documents as outlined on Page (6) of the application along with a copy of your resume.  Applications with any missing information will be considered incomplete and will not be processed for review.

Available Positions

Youth & Community Health Educator

Job Title: Youth & Community Health Educator
Salary: $18.00 – $24.00 per hour, DOE
Status: Probationary/Permanent, Full-Time
Hrs. /Wk.: Forty (40) 
Department: Wellness
Job Location: Tucson, Arizona

Position Summary: Incumbent is responsible for promoting healthy lifestyles for the urban Indian youth and community by providing activities and events that address health promotion topics such as
commercial tobacco cessation, substance abuse prevention, and positive mental health. The
incumbent is responsible for coordinating the TIC Youth Coalition, youth afterschool and
summer camps and schools, and other large community events. Providing health education to
youth and leading them in tobacco cessation policy campaigns. The incumbent will also provide
referrals, build community connections to the tobacco cessation efforts and substance abuse
prevention, and complete tobacco cessation classes with adult community members.

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