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Tucson Indian Center History

The Tucson area has long been the traditional site for Indian settlements. From the Archaic and Hohokam Indians, to the Tohono O’odham and Yaqui, the waters of the Santa Cruz River and the surrounding fertile land attracted desert dwelling tribes.

Shortly after World War II, local Indians felt there was a need for an organization of their own to provide services
for health, housing, education, counseling, and recreation. To pursue this goal a Native American Club was organized in 1957. In 1963, the Club became incorporated as the American Indian Association, doing business as the Tucson Indian Center.

For decades, the Center has offered youth and elderly programs,
job services, adult and youth education programs, cultural activities, and emergency assistance.

I. Core Values Statement

Integrity: the state, quality or condition of being honest, ethical, and entirely whole
Accountability: the state, quality or condition of being answerable, explainable, and credible
Cultural Identity: behavior, beliefs and all other aspects that are characteristic of the Indian community
Family & Community: group of persons sharing common heritage and interests

II. Vision Statement

Tucson Indian Center envisions an empowered, educated, prosperous, healthy, unified and politically engaged urban American Indian community that preserves and strengthens our cultures.

III. Mission Statement

The mission of the Tucson Indian Center is to lead, serve, empower and advocate for the Tucson urban American Indian Community and others, by providing culturally appropriate wellness and social services.

IV. Strategic Goals

1. Increase the Center’s visibility and influence.
2. Increase and diversify the Center’s revenue and assets.
3. Maintain and expand the Center’s programs and services.
4. Implement plan of action for Center’s building and land base.

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