The TIC Wellness Department leads, serves, empowers and advocates for the Tucson urban American Indian Community and others, by providing culturally appropriate wellness services. TIC provides wellness services for all ages of the Tucson urban Indian community, including the following services.


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  • Personalized assessment of health and wellness needs and strengths
  • Case management services for access and utilization of health and wellness services
  • Health education and guidance
  • Referrals to other services, including social services and health services
  • Specialty areas include:

    – American Indian health and wellness care 
    – Substance abuse treatment and support services 
    – Diabetes prevention services, especially addressing dietician and nutrition, physical activity, weight management, podiatry and eye exam/glasses.

Wellness Department


Title V Urban Indian Health Program

This contract provides both individual services and group education services.  Individual services include health screening, transportation to the I.H.S. San Xavier Clinic, prescription refills in coordination with San Xavier Clinic, and case management.  Case management allows clients to address specific health issues with the guidance of a case manager that provides education and referral to additional services.

Group education services are provided to address health topics that are common to many clients, such as workshops on substance and diabetes foot care.  Talking circles for both men and women are also offered as more traditional ways to address the spiritual and emotional aspects of wellness.  Special community events, such as meals, workshops and camps, are also offered for youth, elders and adults in order to raise awareness about wellness and increase utilization of Wellness Department services.


Special Diabetes Program for Indians

This grant focuses on the prevention and control of diabetes via diet and exercise.  Exercise activities include regularly-scheduled fun walk/runs and walking club, as well as special interests such as, Zumba, Aikido, Step-class andTai Chi which promote relaxation and discipline.  The Grant also coordinates special sports events, such as basketball clinic for youth, and sponsors adult chair-volleyball and softball teams in order to promote physical activity. Nutrition education and activities include monthly cooking classes that feature native foods and ingredients that are low in sugar and fat.  Provide diabetes prevention clinics with weigh-ins podiatry visits, reflexology visits, fitness level testing and other diabetes-related education including publication of healthy recipes in the Wellness Department Newsletter.


4-in-1 Health Promotion

This Grant targets four topic areas: substance abuse, mental health, health promotion of disease prevention and immunizations.  Many local urban Indians are not eligible to receive services from their respective tribes because they reside off the reservation.  Thus, they rely on the Tucson Indian Center to provide much needed social services in the areas of education, training, employment, and supportive services relative to urban living.  This grant also supports monthly publication of the newsletter Native Wellness voice.  Substance abuse efforts focus on improving youth decision making skills via curricula used with both parents and youth.  Health promotion/disease prevention activities focus on the prevention of HIV and STIs.  Mental health services include teen health chats and coordination with other behavioral health providers and positioning the agency to support existing aftercare efforts.  Finally, Staff promotes awareness of immunizations for different age groups and refers clients to immunization providers.


Tobacco Program

This contact focuses on the prevention and cessation of commercial tobacco use, emphasizing the sacred nature of tobacco.  Workshops are offered to groups of youth, community members and providers.  The health risks of second-hand smoke are also communicated. This grant also supports monthly publication of the newsletter Native Wellness voice

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