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Step 1: All interested individuals, clients, and community members who are seeking ESN are to call the
(520) 331-7130 cell phone number. Calls /messages will begin at 8 AM sharp on Monday mornings ONLY.

  • All calls received prior to 8 AM will not be considered and will be erased. No call backs will be given.
  • Only the first ten (10) calls will be taken. Each caller needs to provide a name and phone number for call back.
  • All calls received after the first 10 calls will be deleted and will not receive a call back.
  • Those who do not receive a call back will have to call the next week. This process will be followed until ESN funds run out. (We are estimating to be done by February 28TH – 2015)

Step 2: The case manager will call back the first 10 callers and provide them with information on the program, eligibility requirements , and required documents. He will also schedule a time/date for an ESN intake (only eligible applicants will be given an intake apt)

NOTE: All ESN calls must go through the 331-7130 number ONLY